Manatees gathering at Stock Island Marina Village

 If Florida’s endangered species held a beauty pageant, the manatee may not be the final winner.  But it likely would win Miss Congeniality.  Key West residents and visitor alike are often mesmerized by these charming creaturesRecently, the crew aboard S/V Tortuga were greeted but not just one, but four manatees lounging just off our dock and nibbling at the “greens” found on the underside of the a few boats nearby (link to video).

As the weather starts to shift, you’ll likely see more gathering as they move towards their annual migration to warmer waters.  Keep a look out for these gentle sea cows and remember to give them the peace and tranquility that they need to flourish.  Join us in calling for better protection and winter sanctuaries for manatee in our Florida waters by adding your name to the Save the Manatee petition.  Only 100000 signatures are needed.

Save the Manatees Petition   - See more at: