If you're looking for the ultimate Florida Keys sailing, snorkeling and island hopping experience, Tortuga Sailing Adventures has the answer.  Our focus is on you during any of our all private, all inclusive yacht excursions.  We know that your time is valuable so we have created several options to satisfy nearly every want. You'll face comfy quarters, savory foods and plenty of healthy beverages.  All your necessaries and water sports equipment are stocked and ready even before you arrive.  To say the least, your far from feeling keelhauled on this yacht.  Your toughest decision will be choosing which sun-loving garb you’ll don for the day.

DAY ADVENTURES: Pack all the fun you can into your Day Adventure. Snorkeling equipment, water toys and kick boards are available on every day trip.  Our 2-person kayaks and standup paddle boards (SUP) are available on trips of 8 hours or more, weather permitting. Try your skills at Sailing, Snorkeling, Lobster "tickling", SUP, Kayaking or the all so easy dolphin and sea turtle watching. Stroll an uninhabited beach or sandbar, sunbathe or just do nothing at all. Whatever your choice, our crew will be on hand to help you with equipment and provide one-on-one guidance and instructions. When you are ready to relax, guests on trips up to 6 hours will enjoy beverages and snacks.  Longer trips will be offered lunch, snacks and beverages.  This 5-star rated catamaran charter is an excellent choice for those wanting a customized, private sailing yacht experience. Tortuga is a favorite for Bachelorette Parties and an exceptional choice for family excursions.  S/V Tortuga consistently exceed expectations for all guests and offers relaxation and challenges to both beginner snorkelers and expert free divers.

Sail & Reef Snorkel Adventures4 or 6 Hour Private Day Charter, Prices range from $699 - $899 flat rate for groups up to 6:  Snorkel at the amazing Western Sambo Ecological Preserve reef and sail the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico in the same trip. Yacht stays within 10 nautical miles of Key West.

Out Island Adventures ~  8 to 10 Hours Private Day Charter, Prices range from $1099 to $1499 flat rate for groups up to 6:  A guest favorite offering a multitude of options! Yacht stays within 15 nautical miles of Key West which includes a choice of reefs and Boca Grande Key, an uninhabited island. 

OVERNIGHT ISLAND ESCAPES | 1-4 CONTINUOUS DAYS OUT TO SEA ~ Customized packages for up to 4 adults, $700 per person per each 24 hours/Min. 2 guest charge/Max of 4 guests.  For those who are looking for time away from the crowds to detune and detach.  Yacht stays within 35 nautical miles of Key West. The dinghy rides are offered freely as well as the snorkeling equipment, personal water toys and kick boards. Upon request, a combination of additional equipment including 2-person sea kayaks and standup paddle boards can also be brought.  Use of equipment is subject weather conditions and time restraints.

Play, Explore, Feast, Relax ~ Repeat.  Come aboard for this fantastic journey. Be amazed by the wonders of the Florida Keys out island waters; unpopulated, pristine and full of life.  Swim with dolphins, observe turtles in their natural habitat and watch a sunrise and sunset from your perch on our sailing catamaran. And while you're at it, have the best sleep ever in your floating oasis.  A guest favorite and for good reason!  Sail away from the crowds on S/V Tortuga for 1 to 4 days. This floating vacation will get you "turtle-y" relaxed and reinvigorate you at the same time.  It is up to you to select the tone of the trip and the ambiance for your time aboard. The crew will work with you to reflect your wishes.  From romantic picnics and sunset beach strolls to invigorating wreck dives and fishing can all be had.  As we settle into each choice out island area (likely near the shores of the Marquesas Islands or in the heart of the back country) you'll begin to discover how easy it is to unwind and enjoy all that is around you.  Here the sands seem whiter, stars are brighter and the onboard cuisine more delicious than back on the mainland.  Activities include snorkeling reefs and wrecks, out island beach strolls, hermit crab races, Cuban chug viewing, dinghy rides through a mangrove tunnel, casual fishing and lobster hunting - season and weather permitting.  Expect to snorkel a variety of reefs, wrecks and view a wide variety of sea birds such as Magnificent Frigate birds, Egrets, Herons, Cormorants, Anihingas and of course, plenty of Pelicans.

DRY TORTUGAS GETAWAY ~ 5-6 CONTINUOUS DAYS OUT TO SEA ~ Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park.  Customized packages for up to 4 adults, $700 per person per each 24 hours/Min. 2 guest charge: Comfortable for 4 guests, minimum of 5 days required. Yacht stays within 75 nautical miles of Key West. The dinghy rides are offered freely as well as the snorkeling equipment, personal water toys and kick boards. Upon request, a combination of additional equipment including 2-person sea kayaks and standup paddle boards can also be brought.  Use of equipment is subject weather conditions and time restraints.

This trip really is an adventure of a lifetime and the captain and crew will be along to help you get the most out of every minute.  Guests will get up close and immersed in all aspects of the yachting lifestyle.  Expect sailing, fishing, snorkeling, wreck diving and amazing island hopping with the opportunity to explore Fort Jefferson and Loggerhead Key Lighthouse with leisure.  The premier activities are the exploration (either self or guided tour) of historic Fort Jefferson National Park and a trip to Loggerhead Key for an incredible reef snorkeling and viewing of the Loggerhead Key lighthouse.  Additionally, expect to a variety of reefs, wrecks and out island beach strolls at  some of our stops along the way which can be Boca Grande and Marquesas Key.  Here, you can participate in our hermit crab races, view abandoned Cuban chugs from recent immigrants and view a wide variety of sea birds found breeding at the Dry Tortugas such as Sooty Terns, a variety of Booby's, & Magnificent Frigatebirds. Expect to be escorted on a variety of dinghy rides (even through a mangrove tunnel) and catch an occasional fish while underway (season and weather permitting). 

Simply put, there is nothing quite like the Dry Tortugas National Park and no better way to truly experience all the finest that it has to offer than aboard S/V Tortuga.  The captain and crew will take you 68 miles off the Key West coast where the waters are noticeably more vibrant in color and sea life abounds. You'll find that you are nearer to Cuba than the US and on a clear night, you may get a glimpse of the warm Havana glow. While in the National Park, we encourage you to explore and soak in the extraordinary scenery, sunsets and tropical wildlife both above and below the surface of the waters (no worries, the crew to lend a helping hand in all your water activities). The skies can be full of a wide variety of seabirds nearly Jurassic in quantity & size, all nesting or resting along their migratory paths. Coral reefs and wrecks are easily accessible with our tender and are loaded with immense tropicals. The Florida Keys popular pelagics can even be found plentiful here.  Save time to discover the rich history and incredible architecture that the civil war era (circa 1826) Fort Jefferson and Loggerhead Lighthouse has to offer. The fort, comprised of over 16 million bricks, is the largest masonry structure in the Americas. It comes complete with a crocodile in it's mote. If that does not impress you, then perhaps the 25 ton cannons will. 

BED, BREAKFAST & BEYOND Bed ~ 4 guests maximum with a 1 guest minimum. Cost is based on number of guests and ranges from $700 - 1300. Check in 5:00 pm  ~ Breakfast by 9:00 am ~ Sail until 11:30 am

Our Bed, Breakfast & Beyond is simply that.  It is designed for the swift moving travellers who are looking for just one night of unique accommodations and a cruise in the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing catamaran.  Leaning towards a floating boutique B&B that offers a unusual hybrid solution to not just satisfy the need for accommodations for the eve, but also for a hearty serving of breakfast and a good morning sailing.  Ride the waves while staying dry ~ Is there a better way to start your day?  We think not.

If you want to get a taste of the yacht life but still want to see why Key West is a destination city, then choose to sleep aboard in one of our cozy berths dockside, with our Bed & Breakfast and take a short 2 hour sail.  4 guests maximum with a 1 guest minimum. Cost is based on number of guests and ranges from $700 - 1300

SAIL AND SUNSET DINNER ~ Serving 5+ course dinner for up to 4 guests. Yacht stays within 8 nautical miles of Key West.

If you are looking to impress or in need of celebrating a special event, this private sailing dinner charter will keep the focus right where you want it. Enjoy 4 hours of Sailing, Sunset and dining "Al Fresco" style with our sumptuous good-for-you organic, non-GMO dinners.  No worries, we'll do all the work and just let us know in advance if there is something special we can do to make your cruising Key West dining experience filled with great moments to remember.

All guests must be 13 years of age or older and in moderate or better health condition unless approved by Captain of the Day

If you don't see a charter trip just right for you, we will be honored to design a custom experience to meet your needs.  Our vacation and getaway packages are designed to accommodate nearly every lifestyle and likely, you’ll find a perfect fit.


Where S/V Tortuga will roam:   NOAA Nautical Chart of Lower Florida Keys

Tortuga Sailing Adventures is a boat tour operator located at Stock Island Marina Village in Key West, Florida. We set high standards for the yacht, ourselves and continually make improvements to our offerings and amenities.  The small crew is made up of sailors who enjoy introducing and hosting guests to their seafaring world and are all natural adventurers.  We are proud to be awarded the 2015, 2016 & 2017  TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence after just a few years as a Key West based yacht charter. As an added "Thank You" for staying aboard S/V Tortuga, our crew will capture many of your moments with photos & video. We will supply you with a shareable Google Drive link to your digital treasures. 

Special events can be pre-arranged for those celebrating engagements, weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays and other special days. Just let us know what we can do to make your trip the most memorable ever.

Captain Rick, who also is the owner of S/V Tortuga, takes you on a 3 minute virtual inside/ out tour of the Manta catamaran.