The Marquesas Keys, a sailor and explorers overview


Also know as Button Key or Round Key, the Marquesas Keys are a group of uninhabited islands about 20 miles west of Key West. They are approximately 4 miles in diameter and much of the islands are covered by mangrove forests. As the map indicates, the waters near shore are very shallow and are home to thousands of small bait fish.   Mooney Harbor has limited boat access but offers kayaks and paddle boards an escape from the winds and currents just a short distance away. The beaches are in a truly natural state. Pristinely un-groomed and inhabited, they are home to stalking herons and hermit crabs.

The Marquesas Keys seem to be a major stop for migrating Cubans and their watercraft, fondly called 'Cuban Chugs'. Let your imagination take you away to the who's, why's and how's of each landing.  You may find your perception and opinions of immigrants plight changing. 

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