Capt. Rick makes freinds everywhere

Owner, Captain, Maintenance Director and Social Icon of S/V Tortuga

Capt. Rick can tell of his adventures from sailing through the Mediterranean Sea to the blue waters of the West Indies.  With a strong local presence in Key West, he stands out amongst his peers for not only exemplary upkeep of his gorgeous yacht, but also his ability to be a trustworthy captain and a gracious host under all conditions.

Capt. Rick will plot your course, pilot the yacht and maintain all onboard systems while at sea.  He is the one who typically loads everyone up in the dinghy for a run about or a trip to some uninhabited island.  He is an agile swimmer, cunning hunter and patient snorkeling instructor. His dinghy trips are never dull and a major contributor to adventures around and under every wave.  Whenever he is at the dock, you can see him more times than not, fixing, polishing and making improvements on either S/V Tortuga or his 24' Proline Sport center console which reside right next to the catamaran.  Just like any caribbean pirate, after hours and off duty, expect to see a freshly made rum mojito in hand.


Cindy lou and her favorite speargun

1st Mate, Stewardess, Chef & PR contact

Cindy Lou is the other half of the Tortuga team.  She wears a few hats too.  When at sea, she'll be your primary "go to" stewardess, chef, deckhand and watersports instructor leading the way into the water for some snorkeling, spear fishing or lobster hunting. Back on deck, she usually gets the food rolling out of the galley, brings you a beverage and reminds you it's sunscreen time again.  

When not hosting guests, her background in business management, accounting and marketing lends nicely to the house operations. She's the front line for reservations, managing the marketing materials, social media and of course, adding the numbers up.