Tortuga's Fishing Day - The Mahi were on it!

You never know whether success will be yours or not when it comes to fishing.  Some days are just that - fishing while others are all about catching! The latter is far more exciting and so was our day yesterday. Mahi-Mahi didn't quite jump in the boat but the crew cleaned fish until 9 pm last night and we are loaded up again to serve our guest the best and freshest local seafood ever. 

Take note of our new dock friend , a ghost crab. "Crabby Appleton" waits patiently for his scraps throughout our time at the Dock cleaning station. 

Captain Rick hold  two of the Maji schoolies caught yesterday

Crabby Appleton waits for his dinner (see him in bottom left corner?) 

Crabby Appleton, the ghost land crab lives on our dock.