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Lay down yer cutlass to join Cap'n Rick while yer at sea for an exclusive tasting of fine sipping rums. Many of these rums are straight from the islands themselves, others from far away lands. 


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Tasting Rum like a Judge

"Tasting rum is a sensory experience that requires some discipline and understanding of the medium to make the most of the opportunity.  A small sip is all you need to understand the flavour profile of rum. 

At fine tasting events, quarters ounce samples are served and that’s more than enough to discern and savor the intent of the producer."  Robert Burr

Selection Includes:
Berry’s, Barbados, 9 yr
Kaniche XO, Barbados
Ron Cartavio, Peru, Solera 12 yr
Zafra Master, Panama, Master Reserve 21 yr
Mocambo, Mexico, Art version, Single Barrel, 20 yr
Don Pancho, Panama (Cuban Maestro), Reserva, 8 yr
R.L Seale’s, Barbados, 10 yr
Pyrat XO Reserve, Guyana
Kirk and Sweeney, Dominican Republic, 12 yr
Carmelita’s Dark Spiced, St. Pete, Florida
Penny Blue XO, Mauritius, Single Estate
Dictador, Columbia, 20 yr
Old Brigand Black Label, Barbados
Puerto Angel Amber, Mexico
The Cane Mill, Barbados, 8 yr
Alleyne Arthur’s, Barbados
Mezan, Guyana 2005
Mezan XO, Jamaica, Batch 008146
Old Port, Bangalore India, 
Clement, Martinique, 6 yr
Villa Rica Single Barrel, Veracruz, 23 yr